your through-line to wholeness

your midline

a current of energy...


The midline is a current of energy that runs through your body, drawing you into your center and strength. Your Midline is an alignment tool, and everything has a Midline. Every sound structure has a center that holds all the parts together.  What do you rely on to keep you centered and grounded even amidst life’s chaos and noise?

As a physical practice, Midline incorporates meditation, alignment-based yoga, core strengthening and balance, and cardio.  At its essence, Midline explores the mechanics of your breathing as your greatest source of power and renewal.  It enhances the connection between mobility and stability.  These are ideals we return to throughout our practice. 

It is my mission as a teacher that each student feel seen and supported. No matter how long it may take, I facilitate discovery of what works in their bodies and why. I encourage them to ask questions of themselves and of me so I can reflect back growth in strength and balance.


What do you rely on to keep you grounded amidst life's chaos and noise?