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midline classes

mobility + stability


Hastings Yoga

Wednesday @ 9am

Saturday @ 10am

Alignment-based, breath centered Hatha Yoga classes combing, strength, functional movement, and the exploration of traditional asana in a safe and encouraging environment. Please sign up for these classes using the link below.

Pleasantville Presbyterian Church

limited series

September 23rd-novmember 4th 2019(no class oct. 14th)

Mondays 12-1pm

I reserve this time for intimate, small group sessions that can be tailored to your individual needs. I often incorporate the use of essential oils, functional movement and meditation.

The Well Center

Monday and Thursday 9:30-10:30a

MIDLINE classes are a sweet combination of functional movement, breath centered yoga conditioning, cardio-flow and quiet time. It is from my many years of practice and teaching that I have created a class specific to all of the things I love and need…it changes all of the time and provides a great space for you to check in, ground down, and uplevel your physical and energetic vibration. Join us!


scheduled for 2020

I am currently organizing a variety of movement and wellness retreats for 2020. Drop me a line at "say hello" on this site and I'll be happy to send you details as they become available.