“Cass embodies strength, grace, and resilience. She is the most authentic and genuine instructor I have had the privilege to learn from. With a vast knowledge of anatomy and safe, yet challenging and mindful movement, Cass has really pushed me outside my comfort zone and has encouraged growth both on and off  mat." Brielle W.

“Taking a class with Cass is like meeting up with a dear, old friend. It is comfortable and supportive, yet you are absolutely inspired to be your best self and maybe even stretch past your comfort zone knowing she has your back.” Melissa S.

“Cass is a one of a kind. depending on what you need, she'll draw from  her magic as a yogi, dancer, poet or healer. ....” Beth H.

“Cass’ style of teaching completely transformed the way i approached my yoga practice. Her ability to share her knowledge clearly and intelligently allowed me to appreciate the true purpose of each asana and have a stronger connection with my body. Cass encouraged me to to be curious and explore each posture, rather than adopt a one size fits all approach, making the practice safer and more healing.” Jen M.

“Cass is such a gift to her students. With her deep understanding of the body, movement, and wellness practices, she has created the ultimate experience through MIDLINE…empowering, strengthening, exhausting and fun I am so grateful to know Cass and experience her magic.” Kat B.

“Over my four decades of practicing yoga I have learned that all yoga teachers have wisdom to impart but there are only a few that change your life.  Cass teaches with such deep humanity, fully embracing the joy and wonder, absurdity and angst of being a human.  And the best part is that with all her extensive knowledge of the body and deep spirituality comes a total goofball ready to make fun of herself in the most lighthearted way.”  Lucy C.

“Yoga for seniors!  My husband and I are both in our 70s. We have regular one-on-one yoga sessions with Cass. Our sessions focus on strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation.  Cass is wonderfully adaptive and encouraging.  We heartily recommend Cass to people of our age who want to keep moving!” Carolyn M. & Terry W.

“Cass is poetry in motion. and so, therefore, is her class. She moves your body through an intelligently choreographed sequence of poses that call for strength, stability and alignment, while entwining a deeper wisdom that inspires your mind and comes straight from her heart. I trust her with my body and recommend her prowess to yours.” Stephanie Marango MD, RYT

“Cass is a uniquely talented yoga teacher and her classes are one of my favorite ways to feel renewed after a busy day. I am amazed (and grateful!) for her ability to orchestrate such an incredible experience in a one hour class. Cass is able to create a physical workout with deep spiritual connection.” Erin D.

“My wife and I have taken private yoga instruction from Cass for many years. She is a very skilled and knowledgable instructor with a flexible, eclectic approach that includes meditation, core-strengthening, balance and other techniques.  More importantly, among the many yoga instructors I have encountered, Cass has been uniquely sensitive and responsive to our particular needs from week to week, whether we’re able to fully articulate them or not.” Todd G. & Susan F.